June 19-July 17, 2021

The Bigger Game: transmuting failure into awe and wonder

Join a small group of fellow art lovers and artists on this journey of exploration and discoveries in the synergistic field of art.

Here is what's included

A synergistic seeing program: 28 paintings, delivered daily, with contemplative prompts and seeing practices designed to help you let go into the flow of life and live in constant awareness of the bigger game of life, plus the best “life-design” practices to integrate new ways of seeing into your vision, and gently dissolve the inner mental filters which keep the maya of life in place.

Four opportunities to co-create a synergistic seeing experience (scheduled to accommodate different time zones and schedules).

Life-time access to the pilot AND to the final version of this program, so that you can revisit this experience and refresh the seeing practices any time.

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